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Episode Five Of The Bad Girls Club was jam packed with Bad Girls Adventures and brawls. Alligators,bar fights, skinny dipping and unruly beach outtings are just a few of the things these bad girls got into this week. These ladies are really turning Miami out one episode at a time.



Check out the GOOD, BAD, and Ugly of this weeks Bad Girl’s Club!





This week the ladies get adventurous and head out for a tour of Miami’s famous gator park. They spend some time wading in swampy muddy waters and searched for gators on the prowl and all seemed peaceful amongst the ground. But if you know the Bad Girls this did not last long.



New girl Kayleigh is not as popular with the rest of the girls as she thought. Given the nickname ‘shadow’ because she constantly follows Kristen around, Kayleigh has become a pest to some of the other girls and we already know they don’t have a problem letting her know. First they attack her for eavesdropping near the confessional then the girls claim that Kayleigh is a messy mate. She has become an all around pest to the girls and they start to give her the cold shoulder.



I am begining to think that not a day goes by where these girls don’t get into a fight. What started out as a semi enjoyable day at the beach turned into a beach brawl with Cat,Lea, and Kristin, pitting themselves against some locals.

I can’t wait to see what the girls get themselves into when they go on vacation in the next episode.


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