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I am true to who I am, which is someone who loves a lot of different genres of music and can appreciate talent in any form. I’ve studied classical composers to Jazz artists and I’veappreciated all those types of music and recognized what I’ve found to be very inspiring and even genius from those people. I think genius can exist in any genre of music.

As far as being in different genres of music I can be listening to Bach and find it genius and very easily draw a parallel when I’m listening to an Eminem verse. Being able to only express myself in one genre wouldn’t fully fulfill me.


I don’t draw boundaries, I enjoy the challenge of taking whatever kind of raw material and whatever artist I’m working with and trying to make the most mainstream song to reach the most amount of people. Different artists bring different completely different things to the table. People bring talent in so many different ways.

Lady Gaga is really talented but it’s not like people recognize her as having the same voice as maybe Whitney Houston. They bring different things to the table. My goal is if I’m working with an artist, to make them shine and to help enhance their music and vision and make it as entertaining as possible. It’s about the direction they are going in and how I can best contribute. I let the artist lead. I probably have a more controlled environment than most. I feel like I work best when I have one on one with the artist. I just like a non-chaotic genuine vibe.

In this industry, I feel like you never know what’s going to happen, you’re pretty much only as good as your last hit. I never had a song that’s come out with Eminem, that would really be a dream. I’d like to work with Jay-Z.

At first it was about who I could work with but at this point what excites me more than big artists are breaking new artists. My manager and I started “Beluga Heights” originally, and my little brother Tommy joined later on so there’s 3 of us. Tommy’s job is that he finds our artists, mostly on myspace. He found Sean Kingston on myspace, Jason Derulo, and Iyaz. He’s kind of my creative right hand. My manager mostly handles the business and communications.


We also publish, we have writers signed and we’re trying to expand into entertainment, doing television, etc. We are currently working on Iyaz’s album, and about to start Jason Derulo’s second album. We are also working on new artist, Auburn’s album.

Her song, “LaLaLa” is coming out and then we have 4 other brand new acts that we’re just getting signed that we’re in the studio with so that’s what the remainder of this year is filled with as well as doing songs with a few others. We are a team and work well together.

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