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Before going to sleep last night, I was watching episode after episode of ‘Sex and the City’ until I passed out!  That show is one of my favorites because I can thoroughly appreciate the friendship and bond that is shared between the four main ladies! No matter what obstacles came their way, they still remained the best of friends and always had each other’s back.

Outside of family, your friends should really be your extended family and those you can depend on and they can depend on you.  I’ve learned to be thankful for my TRUE friends that are there for me no matter what!

The people that have come in and out of my life, I count as lessons learned. Hurtful for me but it is reality that there were times when I used the word ‘friend’ too loosely 🙁

But back to happy thoughts,  I appreciate my REAL friends and am very excited about tonights season premiere of Daddy’s Girls 2…where you will see less of the fake and more of the real 🙂  

How have true friends played a role in your life?   Would love to hear your thoughts…  

Until my next blog,

Vanessa 🙂 












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