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Yes, I mean the sunshine in our lives. I’m not sure if we are really being told everything about Mr. Sun and trust me, you don’t want him shining down on you too much these days. Unfortunately, he’s not just tanning us any more–he’s also burning our skin for real.

Sun exposure isn’t always a healthy benefit for us all. I know we need the vitamin D it provides (in moderation) but ultraviolet light (UV) is the problem we have with the sun. It is an Invisible energy that can sometimes be harmful.


When UV rays enter the skin it can damage the skin cells. This can cause both visible or invisible injury. Results can be immediate as sun burn or it will just add up with results showing up later.

And that is called unrepaired damaged skin. After twenty, thirty years or more it will create:

 1) Wrinkles

 2) Pigment spots

 3) Precancerous lesions

 4) Cancerous lesions on the uncovered skin’s surface.

It has been found that the best time to (avoid) direct contact with the sun is midday. This is between 11:00am And 3:00pm daylight savings time. This is when sun rays are most intense.

What you can do to protect you and the Sunshines in your life:

1) Add sunscreen (SPF) every 15 minutes. The Higher the (SPF) the better your skin is protected 50 (SPF) is Good

2) Hat, light clothing

3) It is also Wise to wear a shirt while SWiMMING!!!

Myth: That Sun Block / SunScreen will stop you from Tanning Thats NOT! True. You still Tan, it only protects your skin from outside and inside injury.

It’s Only Because I Love You.

We all perish for a lack of knowledge.

 Love Mommy,

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