Get ready Star Trek fans! The movie franchise is ready to move forward with a third film in the modern series, and Paramount Pictures has just set a release date for it. According to, Star Trek 3 will be hitting theaters on July 8, 2016. Why have they decided to let fans wait until […]

When Hollaback, an anti-street harassment organization, released a video of actress Shoshana B. Roberts enduring more than 100 catcalls while walking in New York City streets, we weren’t surprised at the amount of men dismissing how horrific street harassment really is. We also weren’t totally floored when conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh joined in on the misogyny, mocking the […]

Ask conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh why President Obama refuses to place a travel ban on West African nations mostly affected by the Ebola virus and he’ll tell you. Slavery. Duh. That’s what the shock jock told listeners on his nationally syndicated radio show on Monday. According to Think Progress, Limbaugh suggested Obama refused to […]

Yep, he’s at it again. In an attempt to argue that Oprah Winfrey’s run-in with a Swiss clerk who refused to show her an expensive bag wasn’t racist, conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh is offering up another reason for the discrimination. Because Oprah is “overweight.” And no, we’re not kidding. He actually said this. “Oprah is […]

Today when Cumulus Media, the second-biggest broadcaster in the country, announced that they were planning on dropping conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, we were all like: If Cumulus sticks with the plan, that means Limbaugh would be cut from nearly 40 stations. Which means one thing – his hate won’t be broadcast so widely anymore. […]

Beyonce has been in the game for over a decade now. And in year 15, Bey released her first truly controversial song. PHOTO: It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer! Beyonce Announced As Face Of H&M  “Bow Down,” the first track off her upcoming album, features Bey talking down on her competition. Feminists have criticized Beyonce […]

Here we go again. DETAILS: GTFOH! GOP Senator Compares Obamacare To The Holocaust!  Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh joined the far-right’s fight against immigration on Wednesday when he lashed out at them in a radio rant that wasn’t too kind. Calling immigrants lazy and government-dependent, Limbaugh questioned Mexicans’ work ethic, though they are well known for working labor-intensive […]

Rush Limbaugh does it for the ratchets!  The conservative talk show host took to the airwaves to fight the good fight. The fight? To keep Shawty Lo’s reality show on the air.  DETAILS: Shawty Lo’s Reality Show Gets Canceled  Yesterday we reported that Oxygen canceled All Of My Babies’ Mamas, a show that focused on […]

The over the line vicious and piss pour attitude that many Republican-leaning pundits and celebrities have had since President Barack Obama won his re-election bid, serves as a reminder that we are still a divided country on many levels. STORY: You Mad Bro? Donald Trump Calls For Revolution After Barack’s Re-Election Understandably, if the election […]

Rush Limbaugh can’t stand President Barack Obama’s friendship with Jay-Z. On his radio show today, the Walrus(h) also known as Rush went on a rant about Jay-Z and even went so far as to recite Hova’s lyrics.  VIDEO: Jay Got 99 Problems, But Mitt Romney Ain’t One We guess it’s because he didn’t like how […]

Ice-T has some major beef with Rush Limbaugh, after the radio host condescendingly marveled that the rapper knew the meaning of the word “tyranny” on Tuesday. STORY: That Boy Cray! Limbaugh Says Dark Knight Villain Bane Is A Romney Reference According to the Politico, Ice-T recently defended gun ownership in an interview on London news, […]

Just a day after opining that President Barack Obama “hates” America, Rush Limbaugh found a new target in the eagerly anticipated Dark Knight Rises, a film which he suggested during his program on Tuesday was part of a liberal media conspiracy: STORY: Beating Around The Bush: Romney Explains Why He Won’t Release Tax Returns “Have you heard this new […]