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Get ready Star Trek fans!

The movie franchise is ready to move forward with a third film in the modern series, and Paramount Pictures has just set a release date for it.

According to, Star Trek 3 will be hitting theaters on July 8, 2016. Why have they decided to let fans wait until 2016 for the sequel film? Apparently, that means it will fall on the 50th Anniversary of the original TV series.

Are you guys excited for the new film to come?

Rush Limbaugh is at it again with another extremely controversial tirade.

The radio host took to his show to respond to the leaked email from Sony’s Amy Pascal saying that she would want to cast Idris Elba to play the next James Bond in a movie, and he isn’t too pleased.

Rush believes that Idris shouldn’t ever play the fictional 007 agent, because James Bond is “white and scottish. Period.”

He says on the show:

“Here’s the thing, though… James Bond is a fictional character, obviously. James Bond was invented, created by Ian Fleming… and James Bond is… white and Scottish. Period. That is who James Bond is.”

“But now Sony is suggesting that the next James Bond should be Idris Elba, a black Briton rather than a white from Scotland,” continued Limbaugh. “But that’s NOT who James Bond is, and I know it’s racist to probably even point this out… We had 50 years of white Bonds because Bond is white. Bond was never black. Ian Fleming never created a black Brit to play James Bond. The character was always white. He was always Scottish.”

[Sighs] Where do we begin on this?

What do you think of Rush’s statements on Idris Elba playing Bond? 

It looks like another Hollywood power couple has called it quits.

Director Tim Burton and his actress wife Helena Bonham have decided to split after being married for 13 years. According to Gossip Cop, the two “have continued to be friends and co-parent their children” since their split.

A rep told the site:

“We would ask that you respect their privacy and that of their children during this time.”

Neither have officially commented on their break-up, but there are no signs of a divorce just yet. We’re glad these two are able to keep things peaceful for their kids.

Remember the sun baby on the Teletubbies when you were younger?

Well, she’s finally revealed herself almost two decades later, and she is now a grown 19-year-old girl, who still has those adorable cheeks we all tuned in to see every week.

Jess Smith took to her Facebook to reveal the news, where she wrote as a caption to a photo comparing the sun baby photo to her own:

“So I’ve recently celebrated my 19th birthday and after a lot of thought, I’ve decided it’s time to tell everyone.

“I used to hide it but after a lot of encouragement from my friends at university, I’ve gained the confidence to come out with it,” she reportedly wrote. “I am the sun from Teletubbies. There has been quite a few people pretending to be ‘the sun’ but only I could tell you the real story.

“Everyone says they can see the likeness between my face now and me as a baby. I still have a baby face. I haven’t changed much either. I am still giggly.”

Little did Jess know, at the time, that she would be a big part of many kids’ childhood!

SOURCE:, Gossip Cop, E! News | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Facebook

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