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Yep, he’s at it again.

In an attempt to argue that Oprah Winfrey’s run-in with a Swiss clerk who refused to show her an expensive bag wasn’t racist, conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh is offering up another reason for the discrimination.

Because Oprah is “overweight.”

And no, we’re not kidding. He actually said this.

“Oprah is a plus size woman,” Limbaugh said.

He continued:

“You don’t see a whole lot of really fashionable, wealthy, overweight women… unless you get into the frumpy 70s, 80s, but even then it’s an exception to see a very wealthy, overweight fat woman, so the Oprah could have suffered a double whammy when it comes to discrimination.”

Word of advice from Limbaugh? Overweight women apparently can’t be fashionable. And we just can’t with this idiotic comment.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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