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It seems from Wyclef’s most recent tweet, his presidential bid in Haiti is OVER.  This evening, the election council in Haiti made a ruling that Wyclef is not eligible for the presidency because he has not lived in Haiti for five years.  Below is the tweet from Wyclef where he is saying that they are rejecting his bid for presidency. 

Jean was born in Croix-des-Bouquets, outside the capital, Port Au Prince, and at the age of nine moved with his family to New York, then New Jersey, and made only fleeting return visits to the Caribbean.

The race has drawn 34 candidates from diverse backgrounds, including veteran political operators and one-man band neophytes.

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Earlier in the week Wyclef told AP that if elected he would work to change Haiti’s constitution to allow dual citizenship and give Haitians living abroad – a source of large remittances – the right to vote.

‘If they are the ones who keep this country alive, they should have some kind of say on what kind of government structure there is.’


He said he would fight corruption – a big problem in Haiti – by fighting for a minimum wage and paying public servants on time. ‘I will exercise my right as commander in chief to fight all forms of corruption,’ he said.

Jean batted away doubts about his suitability for office. ‘Celebrity has taught me that politics is politricks. The fact that I’m coming with this with fresh eyes but not naive ears, I think that’s a good start.’