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World AIDS Day

by  Elaine Carter





Today is world AIDS day.  It is a day to hold in memory all of the people who have lost their lives to this communicable disease.  It’s a day when we embrace and support those who are presently living with the challenges to beat this disease from taking their lives.


Reflect today how YOU can prevent the spreading of this STD by adopting a lifestyle to protect yourself and your loved ones from catching this syndrome.


~ Strap up before you go down (use condoms).


~ Don’t share needles if you are a drug addict.


~ Get tested!  There are so many clinics out there that will test for free or for a minimal cost. Don’t put blinders on.  Know for sure.  Knowledge is the power to live a whole life.


~ Abstinence from sexual relations with people who you don’t know or barely know is an effective way to cut your chances of contracting AIDS.  Cheap sex can be deadly.


~ If you KNOW that you have it, don’t KNOWINGLY spread it to your sex partners.  So many unsuspecting people have gotten AIDS from their “trusted” partner.


The good news is that AIDS does not mean a death sentence anymore if you are able to take the recommended medications to prevent it’s destructive course in your body. 


Learn more about AIDS:


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