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<p><strong>Lisa Lampanelli </strong>aka The Lovable Queen of Mean sat down with her &ldquo;Hot Chocolate Daddy&rdquo; <strong>DJ Whoo Kid</strong> for some frank talk about sex, politics (kind of) and race relations in love. Brace yourselves for some real raunch&hellip;</p><p>Why was Lisa feeling<strong> LL Cool J</strong>, literally? Why is she happy that <strong>Obama</strong> got elected? Why didn&rsquo;t people like her Sarah Palin joke? Why won&rsquo;t she sleep with Jamaican men? Why don&rsquo;t white girls care about your car? &nbsp;What kind of porn is she rocking with? Can <strong>Whoo Kid </strong>get any more romantic?</p><p>&nbsp;</p>