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Today is not any holiday. Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. birthday. A prominent leader in the African American civil rights movement. He dedicated himself to the principles of Ahimsa=non-violence.  To end racial prejudice in the U.S.A This was not any easy task at all. He went years getting death threats, his house was bombed, arrested,etc. For what? For all of us. ‘That all men would be guaranteed the alienable rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness’ Even though at the time he was fighting for his African Americans at the same time us Latin/Hispanic and all different kinds of cultures now living in America are also benefiting from equal rights and freedom.

Now that we are free to do so many good things for our selfs our family and our communities; we choose to continue with the violence!? Making our communities not a save place for our children and loves ones.We should walk out of our homes n not worry about getting raped, kidnapped, car jacked or killed. Brothers and sister after MLK long battle we are all one. We are free to love and respect each other. To give the people the FREEDOM TO LIVE!! No matter what color or culture, what they choose to be or not be. Let people LIVE! Its in only God’s hands to know when this precious life’s are going to end…Natural causes already have taken so so many of them.

Lets all be thankful for the love MLK had for mankind. Always keeping his believes in non violence and continuing his legacy for hope and inspiration.

I want to end by saying: ‘ I have a dream that the violence will dramatically cease and that we’ll all live in peace in our comunities’

Possible?! Everything!!! Lets make great things happen!

Much love and may God keep Blessing u all!

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