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With album sales decreasing more & more every year it seems like its hard to sell 100,000 the first week. Ever since the internet has taken over the world people just find it easier to download their favorite artist project online. Of course the real die hard fans might hit the store but why would you do that when theres I Tunes. Back in the day when there was no leaking of albums basically any talented artist could go platinum the first week or so. There are only a select few of artist that sell over 200,000 there first week.

Artist Like Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye West & Beyonce do big numbers in their first week & are some of the select few. Now the new up & coming phenomenon Drake that every body wanted to do so well did major numbers in his first week. The album ‘Thank Me Later’ was released last week & in just one week he’s inches away from a certified gold album with 462,989 albums sold. That is a big accomplishment in the music business especially if your’e a brand new artist that most people doubted.

Over here at Global Grind we are true music fans & believe in supporting an artist if you like their talent. There are many artist we would like to see do big numbers in the first week like Drake did but now a days it seems impossible. If it was up to us these up & coming albums would go gold first week. Do you agree?

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Katy Perry ‘Teenage Dream’



This is her second studio album titled ‘Teenage Dream’ releasing on August 24th. Ever since her smash hit ‘Kissed A Girl’ the whole world recognized her for her talent. Global Grind would love to see her go gold.

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RICK ROSS ‘Teflon Don’

Rick Ross has been in the game 3 albums strong & all of the projects topped the charts. Ever since the big beef with G- Units 50 cent & one of the dopest albums of last summer ‘Deeper Than Rap’ we most definitely want to see him go gold in the first week.

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With the release of her first album Kiss and Tell last fall, Selena Gomez quickly became one of the hottest of the Disney pop princesses. She had chart toppers like ‘Falling Down’ & Naturally’. Her second album will be released in September. We’re looking forward to big numbers for her.

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