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<p>Ice Cube performed at the Paid Dues Festival last Friday in San Bernadina, California and he previewed a couple new tracks from his upcoming I Am The West album. The tracks titled I Rep that West &amp; Drink the Kool Aid included quite a few subliminal shots at some of the top selling artists in the game right now. I&rsquo;m not sure if Cube really has a problem with any of the artists outside of maybe Dr. Dre but you can hear the obvious shot&rsquo;s in the lyrics and take it for what it&rsquo;s worth.</p><p>I ain&rsquo;t the Doctor, this ain&rsquo;t the patient, (Dr. Dre?) This ain&rsquo;t the ni**a always on vacation, (Jay-Z?) This ain&rsquo;t no white boy&rsquo;s rehabilitation&hellip; (Eminem?) ..I heard there was a new West Coast&hellip;I ain&rsquo;t heard it!..</p><p>Again just a few subliminals he didn&rsquo;t come out and say fuck anybody but he did reference Lil Wayne and Jay-Z also in the second track too.</p><p>People around the world that think they wanna bang, Don&rsquo;t get ya ass caught up like Lil Wayne&rsquo;&hellip;(40 Glocc situation)</p><p>Tags: diss, Drink tha Kool Aid, I Rep that West, ice cube</p>