Drake is that rapper known to get you in your feelings. One album that was the blueprint for this model was his sophomore release Take Care. The album cover makes you want to lock yourself in a room and reflect on past relationship failures (with some wine of course). https://www.instagram.com/p/BSdPCQlDlsR/?tagged=draketakecare&hl=en   Well, Drake has fans […]

First thing’s first, he’s the realest. It’s no secret Drake goes in on his verses. We love him for having fun and keeping us on our toes, and we can go on and on about why he’s so great, but what Drake does best is drop knowledge. If you haven’t sat in bed and listened to […]

Drake’s third studio album, Nothing Was The Same, has officially hit stores with high expectations on first week sales. The new album is expected to move 675-725,000 units in its first week. Now if these projections are correct, that means Drizzy, who just released visuals for lead single, “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” will surpass both of his previous albums in […]

Drake is back at it! First we heard “Dreams Money Can Buy” and now it’s “Marvin’s Room.”  Drake’s back on his slow-tempo singing and rapping tip with his newest track “Marvin’s Room.” Everyone knows that Drake is a hopeless romantic rapper who doesn’t mind sharing his love-stricken stories.  In “Marvin’s Room” Drake lets his emotions […]


What’s in a name? Rappers know best that a street name makes or breaks a career and the following hip hop bigwigs have made sure that their stage-names reflect their music and aura in the industry.  A rapper’s name can show a side of their character their original names lack in delivery and add a […]

Ice Cube stars in the new movie Lottery Ticket which opened in theaters Friday. I had the chance to talk with Ice Cube about his new movie, his acting history as well as his new album and if there is any beef between Dr. Dre and himself. Check out the interview below.  Xilla: You’ve been […]

Ice Cube is a legend in both movies and rap music. He’s the father of Gangster rap, the main reason rappers turn to actors, and he has more hits than your favorite boxer and MMA fighter combined. While speaking with Ice Cube earlier today he revealed some compassionate and heart warming words for his former […]

Ice Cube – It Was a Good Day Ice Cube recounts an unusually pleasant day in South Central Los Angeles with his smooth, laid back west coast flow. This song has stood the test of time— a true hip-hop classic. Quotable Line: “Get me on the court and I’m trouble/ Last week f*cked around and […]


Written By Jay Billion Next week Diddy will be James Lipton’s guest on Inside the Actors Studio. Yeah you heard me right. I can see your blank expression and blinking from here (lol). Diddy is one of many Raptors. When I say Raptor I am not talking about a Dinosaur or a Basketball player. A […]


The highly-anticipated biopic of pioneering gangsta rap group N.W.A is still in its early stages, but already things look promising. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrea Berloff has just signed on to write the script for Straight Outta Compton, the current title for the story about the rise and fall the rap group who rose […]

<p>Ice Cube performed at the Paid Dues Festival last Friday in San Bernadina, California and he previewed a couple new tracks from his upcoming I Am The West album. The tracks titled I Rep that West &amp; Drink the Kool Aid included quite a few subliminal shots at some of the top selling artists in […]


There’s always a rapper that tries to become an actor. Most of the time, rappers do not make good actors, but there’s a few cases where the rapper actually does good with the new job. Take Bow Wow and Ice Cube for example. They each have both have acted in various movies, proving they have […]