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Drake is back at it! First we heard “Dreams Money Can Buy” and now it’s “Marvin’s Room.” 

Drake’s back on his slow-tempo singing and rapping tip with his newest track “Marvin’s Room.” Everyone knows that Drake is a hopeless romantic rapper who doesn’t mind sharing his love-stricken stories. 

In “Marvin’s Room” Drake lets his emotions fly as the track begins with him having a conversation on the phone with a girl. He contemplates about calling the girl back and letting her have a piece of his mind.

Drake calls her back and sings, “F*ck that n*gga that you love so bad/ I know you still think about the times we had/ F*ck that n*gga you think you found/ and since you pick up/ I know he’s not around.”

The girl replies, “Are you drunk right now?” Drake replies, I’m just saying you could do better.”

The song is dope. Check out “Marvin’s Room” below!


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