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My name is Michael ‘DJ M-Squared’ McPherson.  My father named me after Michael Jackson because of how great and iconic he was and the way he touched peoples lives.  I got the honor of actually meeting the Jackson family a few months ago in LA and was able to thank them for their major influence on my life and for everything they have contributed. Michael Jackson will forever be a part of my life and legacy.  Thank you for this opportunity.

I got to meet the brothers but actually had a chance to speak briefly with Jermaine and Tito in particular.  It was an amazing experience, one I will never forget.  I always remember the way their music & performances made me feel and I make it my mission to channel that into every performance that I give, and to know that there’s is more to DJing than just playing records, but it’s the way you can make your audience feel with your gift.

– DJ M-Squared

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