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What good is being in a boy band if you can’t get girls? About as good as milk that’s been sitting in the summer’s sun for a week. That seems to be the dilemma with Simon’s latest boy band JLS from his new show X-Factor. Well along comes America’s Rated R superstar to save their love lives. After the boy band JLS complained they don’t get enough girls Rihanna gave them some advice. 

Since Simon gets more girls than a sanitary napkin during that time of the month, Rihanna thinks JLS should use that to their advantage saying:

‘Simon has that naughty look in his eye, He isn’t my type, but he is so charismatic and charming and the ladies go for the whole power thing. I know a lot of celebs have crushes on him.’

I think she may have a point, but it gets even better for the boy band, when Rihanna offers one of them some of her Rated R stuff.

‘If you can’t find a nice English girl maybe it’s time to look the other side of the water,’ she said. ‘Marvin is super cute so he can take me out when I am back in London.’

Now how’s that for lucky? Rihanna showed off a lot of swag and sexiness at LAX drinking Coconut water and blue bottomed shades.

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