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Several of the capital region’s most talented musicians will represent the province on an international stage when they travel to Vancouver for performances at the 2010 Winter Olympics.


While all eyes will be on Canada’s athletes competing for Olympic gold next month, a lot of ears in Vancouver will be treated to the best of New Brunswick music.


Those performances will take place at the Atlantic Canada House and Place de la Francophonie – two stages designed to promote the rich culture and history of this region.


Marc Chouinard was entrusted by the province with choosing the musicians. As general manager of the Capitol Theatre in Moncton, he says he was used to programming and choosing from the wealth of New Brunswick musicians.

“We’re bringing the best image possible for our province to Vancouver,” says Chouinard. “I think we’ve got something original. We’re not just programming two or three artists, we’re putting on a show of what we do best in New Brunswick.”

The showcase will put the province’s Acadian heritage on the world’s stage. Acclaimed multi-instrumentalist group Ode a l’Acadie, considers it a “huge chance.”

For Fredericton’s DJ Nasty Naz, who was born and raised in Trinidad, his selection goes to show what can happen if you work hard.

“I tell people this all the time, when I moved here it forced me to really do what I’m doing right now. I would not have gotten those opportunities in Trinidad,” says Naz “This can be your New York. This can be your L.A. You just have to have that mental ability to drive and succeed.”

Naz couldn’t believe it wh