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<p>With the Barbiefication (that’s my word, don’t even try it) of American femininity going on now. It’s vewy, vewy interesting that even Mattel, the Dr. Frankenstein behind the Barbie doll are pushing a new campaign to have her take on new occupations as a way to transcend the dim-witted blonde arch type so prevalent in mainstream portrayals.They give you Barbie, the rock star, but also, the kid doctor, and the race car driver, and they all got clothes on (go figure). Wonder if this tranlate to the street (or to Twitter), or better yet, the music?</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The thing about the "Barbie" fad is that A LOT of women were subscribing to this lifestyle LONG before it was labeled "Barbie". Then you have these women who think it’s SO repulsive for women to call themselves "Barbie" but they’re doing the EXACT same thing as the "Barbie chicks". We live in a society of confused PEOPLE, I swear LOL</p><p>Good point. "Barbie" is just a label of a deeper trend. But people have twisted it into something it’s not now. It’s turning into a materialistic thing, but was originally a dolled-up beauty thing. I think.</p>