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So TIME magazine dropped their 100 most influential people in the world issue. What made me scratch my head was one name listed under the leader’s category, Sarah Palin, now I’m not going to bash Palin that would be too easy but reading why she was a leader made me laugh. First, Ted Nugent, a raging gun nut himself, wrote the article about Palin stating;

“She embraces the critical duty of we the people by participating in this glorious experiment in self-government…. Her herculean work ethic resonates throughout this country.” 

Reading this was very comical, have we forgotten that Palin quit being Governor of Alaska? Have we forgotten that she is one of the catalysts behind this wave of violence that have targeted many of America’s lawmakers? Anyone remember Locked n’ Loaded? Anyone remember Palin writing on her hand? I guess these are the attributes leaders display, Palin does have a legion of followers and supporters and to her followers be mindful of what leaders you follow. I guess she influenced voters to vote for Barack Obama instead of John McCain, I guess that’ what makes her influential.


Ya boy Glenn “The Joker” Beck made the list also which wasn’t a surprise, he is influential, he is bright dude and he has a swarm of followers. Beck is an engaging personality of the new century and I understand why he made the list. Now on the flip side of that coin, sorry but Glenn and Palin aren’t exactly what leaders aren’t made of, in the wake of the Health Care Bill being passed their voices were not heard in the wave of violence that targeted many of our lawmakers. If anything leaders aren’t supposed to add fuel to the fire;

‘The American people have long fuses. You can walk on us, lie to us and cheat us for a long time. But our [breaking point] was yesterday.’

His chalkboard rhetoric only reaches to the insane, it stretches across the American time line to where Beck cries for an America of yesteryear. A time when blacks, women, jews, gays and anyone who wasn’t a white male had no rights. TIME putting these two ‘Leaders’ on the list will only spark conversation and I guess they have achieved their goal. Influential My A**.