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As all of you know, I have no issues calling my boss a p*ssy, a##hole etc if I feel he is wrong. However, today I felt compelled to stand behind him strong. He and GG have been flooded with negative comments about Tila Tequila and many of you have made it quite clear that you feel our site shouldn’t continue to welcome her as a blogger. Our readers are calling her everything from the girl who cried wolf to a slut. And lets face it, its a given that the way she handles her business in the press often leaves much to be desired. 

That said, you cannot deny the fact that she has TONS of followers on twitter and when she does something it becomes headline news on TMZ and other gossip sites. What that tells us is that her voice reaches people. And on our site, she only blogs inspirational messages and puts her focus on issues that truly matter to us (such as animal rights and GLBT issues).

Her blogs got 100,000 people talking about the horrors of fur and another 100,000 discussing gay rights- this matters. And in her defense, she apparently had a violent adolescence, witnessed a drive-by shooting and was a pregnant teen who suffered a miscarriage. And as we all know, Tila recently lost her fiancé, Casey Johnson. So maybe from us she should catch a break. And to address why she belongs on Global Grind? 

Guess what..our policy is that any gangster rapper, dirty politician, stripper, prostitute or worse can have a forum here IF they promote something pure, positive and good. Russell believes in focusing on the high note…so, even if Tila does things we are uncomfortable with we are going to continue to give her a safe place to spread some light. Just the fact that there is this much controversy surrounding her latest blog placement proves to us again of her reach. Censorship is un-American and as we all know, we are all about Classic American Flava here in Russell’s world.

Simone Reyes