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BOOM! Just to make an entrance 4 myself.. Im known to the world as Delaun Dorian or Lil CRISE – which ever you prefer – and I know there will be plenty of people who dont know who I am so this is more of an introduction to the internet-WORLD. Child Rising In Social Excellence – CRISE. Im a 16 Y.O independent artist; well atleast for the moment. I produce PURE Hip-Hop music, Although I can do many other genres.. Been on the grind for years. Literally sellin my music on the streets in the hood. Just a matter of time B4 I sell music on a major scale – word up.

I started off trying to model actually. O my Birthday I went to an agency 4 modelin & gave em the whole kit. Head shots, Resume, Bio .. never got a call. Then my father and I went to Burt Padelle with a few tracks that I had did with my fathers production on it. Reason we chose Burt Padelle is because he used to my father as an artist. My father -The C.H.I.N.A- used to & still does funky music, Above all genres that he does. We were in contact with them for a few but then .. no real love. Maybe a few months.

My father started teaching me the ropes – sort of speak – of the studio like engineering & production & this is where you find me in my current state. producer Em-Cee &_ engineer. Still a pupil of the world learning everything it has to offer! I’ll forever be on my GLOBAL GRIND. I used to be called mySelf Lil Crise at 7; but now refer to me as CRISE or Crise Da God rather.

-Lil Crise | follow me @joebiden_bgb

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