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Hey guys, I’m Raj from Revolutionary Kids. We’ve been home from tour, recording our debut album, and trying to dig deep to find inspiration for new songs. Listening to a lot of today’s hip-hop gets me a bit sad. It seems like no one is saying anything of substance. Granted, you’ll always have mainstream hip-hop and all that entails (i.e. sex, drugs, and partying), which we have never been opposed to creating. However, a lot of rap artists simply don’t have the intellect to say anything meaningful.

Without trying to take jabs, when you listen to some artists these days, have you ever heard they say anything relevant to your everyday struggles? I truly believe that is why so many young kids find salvation in Drake (or did last year. We’ll find out if they still do June 15th).He doesn’t appeal  to one particular audience. To quote the man; ‘Me doing shows is making everyone nervous / ‘Cause them hipsters gon’ have to get along with them hood n****s’. 


In America today, the neighborhood you grew up in doesn’t matter anymore. We’re on a global stage now. You cannot relate to just one city or whoever has the lowest/highest income. We’ve all gone through our struggles, our setbacks, and we’re all looking for hope. That’s what we strive for. When critics call us ‘The Beasite Boys of their generation’; I am so touched. I don’t believe we’ll ever make an impact as those Boys did, but in truth, that’s what we’re striving for. Its not about where you grow up…..its about who you touch. 

Now, that is substance.

Raj (of Revolutionary Kids)