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Drake is currently the golden child of hip-hop. He has a co-sign from just about every major commercial artist in hip-hop right now including Lil’ Wayne and Jay-Z. He is the only rapper to receive a GRAMMY nomination from a song on a mixtape (sure, So Far Gone was re-released as an EP but it was still the same mixtape we all had to begin with). He’s proving himself to be the only successful actor to transition into rapping as a full-time career. His debut album, Thank Me Later, debuted at number one on the Billboard charts just last month and has recently been certified Gold.

At the height of his success, at the time most critical in his career to be on tour promoting his new album, Drake has just canceled his European tour. Why would he risk so much at a time like this?


In a move that most are considering shocking, unorthodox and possibly hindering his career, Drake is not concerned.  He is at home with his mother; caring for the only woman he feels loves him unconditionally.

Sandi Graham, Drake’s mother, raised Drake as a single mother in Toronto for much of his life. The two have a very close bond and Drake often refers to his mother within his lyrics. In his MTV documentary, Better Than Good Enough, Drake openly admitted that his mother being sick scares him a lot. Because Drake feels his mother has been the most supportive person in his life, he wants to do all that he can to return that support to her in her time of need. Drake is doing what a loving and responsible son should do by choosing to cancel his European tour to look after his mother and help her through her rehabilitation.

On this sudden cancellation, Drake says, ‘Despite my best hopes, it is apparent that my mother will need surgery earlier than anticipated. In light of this news, I have made the difficult decision to cancel my European tour in order to support her during her recovery, just as she supported me through the years.’

‘I cannot thank my European fans enough and look forward to performing abroad soon. I ask everyone to please respect my family’s privacy during this time.’


It is very honorable of Drake to take time off to care for his mother. Often times in the entertainment industry, we see celebrities who do have family members that may have suddenly fallen ill or become terminally ill and, because of their profession, those celebrities aren’t able to be there for their family until it is too late. While his European fans may be disappointed, they should focus more on the respect Drake is showing to his mother and to his family.

While Drake and his camp have remained rather elusive about the exact illness Ms. Graham is suffering from, whatever it is, we here at Global Grind will continue to keep her and the Graham family in our prayers. We wish Ms. Graham a speedy and healthy recovery.

We hope to see you back on the road soon Drizzy!

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