Thousands drown in New Orleans, more pass away in the earthquake in Haiti, Sept.11th just passed with all the talk of burning the koran has everybody asking one question to there self ‘Is The World Really Ending’ . Well as I see our youth becoming the target of major companies with all the ingorant Youtube videos of kids singing the most profane lyrics to there favorite song I say it just might be. Our earths core plates are shifting and mother nature is fed up with our disrespect to her body. I seen a news report of a young teenager raping his own grandmother and this is the world we live in. we see rappers glorify the gang culture that has killed millions over the years yet they get to live a safe lavish life in there huge mansions. Women are getting famous for sleeping with there favorite artist and showing as much as there skin as the can. The invention of the camera phone has every child recording after school fights while they giggle and chant at the acts of violence. Yet in this free country we live in nobody serves God as much as the bartender serves them double shots of Patron at the club. I think from God’s point of veiw we look like a bunch of runaway children that no longer respect his authority, so all the restrictions and spankings that we receive are well deserved. So at the end of the day we should thank him for letting us last this long because the world is ending and we are the ones letting it happen. Peace & Love …D.Darrell

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