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Kendra Wilkinson might be the hottest wife of any football player. When she’s not cracking jokes with Kim Kardashian for a Super Bowl Showdown, she’s writing about her first. In her latest blog on her website she’s talking about a bunch a first for her and her child. Kendra wrote:

‘This weekend is a HUGE one for me and my family…not only is Hank’s team going to the Superbowl, but lil Hank and I are going with him!  A lot of big firsts for the lil man…first plane, first time away from home, first football game! It’s pretty incredible that his first football game experience just happens to be the SUPERBOWL!!! Not many people can say that lol.

He’ll obviously be rocking his Colts jersey and to be honest I think he’ll probably look better in it than most of the players hahaha.

I can’t wait to watch my hubby on the field with our lil angel in my arms! What could be better?!? GO COLTS!!!!!’ ~ Kendra

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