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Kanye West is a busy man. He has a dope album cover that got banned, a new 33 minute movie debuting Saturday (October 23rd) on MTV, MTV2 and BET at 8pm, and his first sit down interview since running up on stage and snatching the mic from Taylor Swift to show Beyonce the ultimate love just hit the net.

Kanye West sat down with Ellen Degeneres to opened up about his life since the Taylor Swift incident. As I previously wrote in September of 2009, Kanye has never stopped to mourn his mother’s death until his world came crashing down, leaving him to ponder suicide. There were times that I contemplated suicide,” West told the crowd, adding that he is now certain, “I will not give up on life again. There’s so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard…I do it for them.”

Kanye West on how Taylor Swift made him mourn his mother: “It was the first time that I got to stop since my Mom had passed. I had never stopped and never tried to even soak in what all had happened … It was time to take a break and develop more as a person as a creator and focus more on my thoughts and my ideas and what I wanted to bring to the world.”

Mr. West had a life changing moment, we should all hope to be that lucky. there comes a time when one just has to stop and reflect on their life and ask tough questions to their self. Kanye’s lead him to leave the country. “I left America. I stopped doing music all together. I just took some time. I went to Japan just so I could get away from paparazzi all together,‘ Kanye told Ellen. ‘Then in November I moved to Rome and just lived there and when I came back to the states I moved to Hawaii. I lived there for about six months and just worked on music.

Kanye West on His Whole World Crashing Down: “I feel like in some ways I’m a solider of culture. I realize that no one wants that to be my job and I’ll never go on stage again. I’ll never sit in an award show again. Will I feel convicted about things that really meant stuff to culture that constantly get denied for years and years? I’m sorry I will. I cannot lie about it to sell records.”

If Kanye West is a Soldier Of Culture we are going to follow him into battle. 


Kanye West has single handedly made wearing socks wack! Women cringe at the thought. [pagebreak]

Kanye West arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Runaway’ held at Harmony Gold Theatre on October 18, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. [pagebreak]

Kanye West’s future is so bright he needs shades.