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Nicki Minaj didn’t win The ‘Made You Look’ Award for no reason. With style and swagger to spare, Nicki Minaj is paving the way for fashion.

Here’s your chance to score some bling ACTUALLY WORN by the fashionista herself! The earrings titled, ‘Minaj’ was worn by Nicki in her music video for ‘Your Love.’

Designed by actress/model/designer (wow!) Tanaya Henry started her line ‘Lace by Tanaya‘ just a year ago and it’s taken off since then.

Her beautiful jewelry has been worn by celebs like Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Rosa Acosta, Miss Teen USA and many more. Her unique Earlace earrings have been featured in The Source Mag, Giant Mag, and Twill Mag.

Here’s your chance to snag it for yourself!

Text ‘NICKI’ to 88528 to win! There will be two winners. One will win the ‘Minaj’ earrings ($140) and another win will win the original ‘Earlace’ ($70)

Click on to get to know Tanaya and see pics of celebs rocking Lace!

Contest ends November 2. Enter now and good luck!

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Tanaya, 22, started her jewelry line as a hobby when a friend started suggesting she sell them. Alicia Keys wore them for a Giant Magazine shoot and Rihanna’s stylist even asked for a pair for the songstress.


These are the pair the lucky winner will win.

The earrings have a special magnet attached to the hook and the ‘lace’ for safety reasons. If for some thing you get the lace snagged, your it will simply snap off and protect your ears.


Lace by Tanaya came from her obsession with Lace and the word ear-lace. The chains are all gold/silver and she has plans to launch her diamond collection and a complete men’s line in the near future.

With custom pieces for Rihanna, Cassie, Ciara and Demi Lovato coming up, there’s no stopping this go-getter.

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