The Daily Grind Video

by Rev Run

I didn’t think about the importance of nothing. When you are making good music and stuff, nothing was premeditated. A lot of stuff today is premeditated, and that’s good. Jay-Z, they know what they’re doing, they make tons of money. Mine was creative and if you have a good manager or have a good brain like Diddy, you can make a lot of money off it, or you can guide it. There was guiding ‘cus I had Russell and them, but I wasn’t trying to guide nothing. I was just being dope.
International Impact
I’m Run. I’m rocking it. Get out of my way. Let’s go. I was so ambitious, I don’t think I got to Japan and said…we’ll maybe there was a little bit of “Wow, they like me out here.” I’m not sure. But it was like I was so dope in my mind I was like, “Uh huh, dope. What else.”  You know, extra swagg’d out, “I’m Run. I throw mike stands. I own this thing, what.” Just a ridiculous far swagg’d out mindset.
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Business Moves
It came a long time before I cared about [business]. Now I’ve sold lots of sneakers, tons of  sneakers. I’m getting older so I understand. My only thing as a kid, for many years was… Ghostface kinda hit me when he said something and he was right, he said, I read in a article, “Yeah fame is good, but it don’t buy you nothing.” It’s like he’s saying, you can have all this fame, but if you don’t handle it right, you can end up being broke with the fame. So my whole thing as a kid was I wanted to be extra famous. Russell and them was doing a good job on the business, yeah my money was in the bank, but I wasn’t focused on what else it could do for me. My brain was very focused on the money aspect, even though I was collecting it and had good managers. It wasn’t my top priority. My top priority was being dope-er. That’s it. Dope-er than you, and you and you and you and definitely you! I ain’t telling you who all those you’s are either.  
Ultimate Cool and Jay-Z’s Swag
It was my gift and it was important that I act like that. Jay-Z to this day lives his life off my swag. He told me. He said Pimp C said, “such and such and such and such, and I got my swag from Run.” Jay-Z wrote that to me. And I think Jay-Z said to me one time, “You started all this cool stuff.” He says this to me constantly, he does not mine telling me, “I don’t know if I’ll ever be cooler than you at your coolest moment.” And I don’t agree, cause he’s extremely cool. He’s like ultimate cool. He was extremely cool on stage with Alicia Keys, with the white suit on and he did “New York [Empi