The Daily Grind Video

by Reagan Gomez

OK, not really. But the power of the Mixtape can no longer be denied. Once, just thought to be a way to keep a musician’s voice and music on the streets between albums, it’s clear that Mixtapes are just as important as the actual album. And quite possibly, more popular. The “Mixtape” has become, literally, FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. All without the lingering 2 cents of the so called “Industry Know it All’s” or “Suits” and their opinions of what WILL and what WILL NOT work or their knowledge of what the PEOPLE like or don’t like.

But with the lackluster sales of the biggest stars in recent years, maybe the “Suits” don’t know as much as they think they do. THE PEOPLE determine what’s hot in the streets. Not radio programmers, not DJ’S. THE PEOPLE. The “Mixtape” eliminates the middle man. It’s brilliant. Yes, Mixtapes have been around forever, but with the success of the ‘MIXTAPE POSTER BOY”, the stakes are higher. Your mixtape can get you, not only to The Grammy’s, but on the Grammy stage, with a couple Grammy’s chillin on your mantel. Oh yes….WITHOUT A MAJOR DEAL. Let’s pause as we hear the collective “UH OH” from every music label under the Hollywood sign.


Granted, the Poster Boy did have help from a certain rapper with a large dental bill. But the point is, it can be done.Independently. The reality is, labels aren’t signing new talent like they once were. So the Mixtape is the perfect opportunity to showcase new talent. And in some cases, it’s a better deal than getting signed, and waiting until the “Suits” think you’re ready.


This is the spirit of Hip Hop. The Hustle. The Drive. The spirit of selling tapes out of the drunk of your car. The local tours. Getting the DJ to play your records on the radio or in the club, not because they’ve been paid to, but because the people demand it. With music going through such a huge commercial period, now it’s time to get reconnected with the people. Even R&B acts are getting in on the Mixtape action.

I’ve seen all of this first hand. Watching my brother in law DeJuan (, an amazing singer and songwriter go through the obstacles he’s gone through, it’s incredible that he still chooses to be in this business. But after all of these years; God + work + hustle = results. And he’s finally seeing some of the seeds he planted begin grow. My hat goes off to him and the thousands of other talented artists trying to get their music to the masses. One thing’s for sure, this business is not for the weak or lazy. It’s not meant for everybody. YOU PRAY AND HUSTLE. You can’t do one without the other. Believe in yourself, when no one else does. And know, What God has for you, no one can take away. Good luck to you guys! And here’s some new music for ya!! Look out for him