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It must be in the air. If I haven’t made it clear..Rasheed Young has officially stopping Blogging and Tweeting. I’m on that Miley Cyrus sh*t!! Or maybe I’m just ‘on to the next one’? Maybe I will be missed, maybe not. There are millions of Bloggers and Twitters (I stopped Tweeting Sat), so I retire knowing there are others who will replace me (humbly said while laughing).

Since I did it so abruptly, I decided to deliver my ‘Last Blog & Twitterment’ (while listening to Tribe Called Quest ‘Lyrics To Go’) via my home Global Grind.

If you do something for 30 days straight it becomes a habit. I checked myself and realized that there are other habits I’d rather have then consistently being on a computer or blackberry. It almost became slightly obsessive, feeling the need to write or read something when I had a moment. It was driving me crazy! It came to a point where I thought networking was following people. At times it also left me unfocused, but not anymore.

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with Tweeting or Blogging. It actually helped the creative side of me. It challenged me to write, encourage others whom had similar experiences, read other peoples thoughts and accomplishments and believe it or not, it was my source of news. Like I said…there’s nothing that was bad, except the slick comments, but otherwise I’m finished! I had fun!!

Like anything else, in order to loose a bad habit, you must replace it with a good one. I’ve decided to clear my mind rather than challenge it and enjoy life! To have a healthy mind, you must have a healthy body. Eating right and exercise always does the trick. I’ve also decided to invest every ounce of spare time into my family and friends.

I’d like to thank Russell Simmons and the entire Global Grind team for allowing me to have a voice (and even labeling me a celebrity which I thought was cool) .

God Bless
Wishing You All Prosperity!

Rasheed aka Hasennpfefffer