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Hey Global Grind!!!

Firstly, I’m very excited to start blogging and interacting with you!! I also want to thank everyone for watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta and for supporting ‘Tardy for the Party’!!  With the help of Kandi, Don Vito, Selasi and my oldest daughter Brielle, my dreams came true and the entire experience has been amazing! 

On a more serious note, I want to briefly share something personal that recently happened within my family.  I usually don’t share these types of things but think it’s important that someone bring up this topic because I don’t think I’m the only parent who has had to deal with their kids getting bullied and harassed while in school.  

It’s not just something that happens on the campus, they are now writing mean facebook and twitter statuses and making up fake pages to ridicule one another. I understand this could happen to anyone but our situation may have been magnified because of the show.  She doesn’t deserve that type of treatment and it broke my heart when I heard about what was happening to her.   Luckily for me, I was able to communicate with my daughter openly about what was happening and take action but what about the kids that don’t have that kind of relationship with their parents.   This type of behavior is a major cause of depression and sometimes even suicide of our kids who don’t know how to deal with bullying and ‘mean teens’.  We recently made a few changes and she’s much happier today.

I want to encourage all parents to please talk with your kids about this issue. Whether your kid is the bully or the victim of being bullied – it’s not acceptable and we must do what we can to encourage our children to be good, positive people so that they can continue as adults in the real world being the same.

Thank you for reading.  Not sure if you agree with me or not but if you do…help me spread the word.   Our kids will appreciate it!  

Do you think this is a cycle that we can help prevent??  Would love to know your thoughts!

Lots of Love,
Kim Z



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