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Like many of you, I have been deeply affected, (maybe haunted) by the Shaniya Davis case. It’s hard to even talk about. When people ask about it, I don’t even want to repeat the story. The thought of this precious, adorable, innocent little girl, being violated, murdered, and thrown on the side of the road, like a bag of trash, makes me sick to my stomach. But even more despicable, is the fact that her own MOTHER made her the main character in this horrific story.

So, I’m just going to ask the question the whole country is thinking.

Who the f*ck, are these people?

Shaniya’s face has been burned into my mind. And I will never forget the pictures of her being held by her abductor, hair uncombed, no shoes on, wrapped in a blanket, not knowing her fate…Haunting. Shaniya wasn’t much older than my daughter. My father is a forensic pathologist, so I’ve seen dead bodies. Dead children. But now that I’m a parent, it really sticks with me. I had to call my dad; the day Shaniya’s body was found, in tears. I asked him, “Dad, when Kyle and I were younger, how did you leave your cases behind when you left your office? How could you possibly, not take the images and faces home with you?” He responded, “Now you see why your mother (a retired Detroit Police Officer) and I were so strict. You just, go home, and hug your kids”. I hung up, not feeling much better. But understood. That’s really all you can do. But the images don’t leave.

Then comes the anger. Anger directed at her mother. Anger directed at her abductor.

When I heard human trafficking, I never associated it with children. Especially in America. We know pedophiles are out there. But children being sold as prostitutes? In America? How naïve I’ve been. The fact that this sweet little girl, had to die, before we realized how common, the trafficking of small children is in this country; it’s horrific, to say the least. The story just gets worse. What about Shaniya’s father?

Bradley Lockhart had been raising his daughter, for years, most of her life, while her mother was in and out of jail, and struggled financially. Her mother had finally gotten a job and apartment, and wanted her daughter. Bradley, wanting Shaniya to have a relationship with her mother, sent Shaniya to stay with her. What about him? HE is the one that needs our prayers right now. News reporters say he doesn’t want to talk to them. YA THINK?? Leave this man alone! Especially when all you’re going to ask him is, “How do you feel?” What the f*ck do you mean, HOW DOES HE FEEL? LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE.

Even writing this, I’m choking up. I can’t imagine. What kind of world do we live in? Where a MOTHER would do this to her own child? When folks talk about the death penalty, I’m sorry, I’m going to put it out there. These two people (if I can call them people) fit the bill. Now, I know, that deaths of children are nothing new. And this isn’t the first time a mother has participated in the death of her child, but I’m venting my disgust right now.

So, now what happens? Shaniya is in the hands of our Lord now. Where nothing else can harm her. But, how do you tell that to her grieving father? I’m not afraid to say, that I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. I’m also not afraid to say, there’s a special place in hell, for anyone that harms a child.

Just my opinion on the matter. Pray for Bradley Lockhart.

Hug your kids tighter today.

And watch whom you allow them to spend time with. Even if, it is their own family.

God Bless.