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CLOSE is back at it again with their yearly list of the ‘Sexiest Men Alive’. This year, they chose the talented Mr. Johnny Depp as the #1 pick.



Now, I’m ALL FOR sexiness and I get it. But I DISAGREE with People on this one. 

While I do believe the man is attractive…he isn’t the sexiest man on the list! No, no, no….

Since People didn’t get it right, I took it upon myself to make my own little list of who I think could easily take the #1 spot from Johnny Depp. Here are the candidates. Add a comment and let me know who you’d put on the list!

Sidenote: I want to know why Brody Jenner is on the list…hes not an actor, not in music..hes just…there. And maybe they didnt say ‘Sexiest Celebs of 2009’, but if thats the case, they should have regular sexy men in here (like the man i saw earlier walking on the streets of NYC) Right?

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Who do you thnk is the sexiest man alive this year?</a><span style=’font-size:9px;’ mce_style=’font-size:9px;’>(<a href=”” mce_href=””>trends</a>)</span>