In an effort to spotlight more of the work being done by gifted Blacks everywhere, we will spotlight one person each week throughout the month of February. This week is dedicated to Brehanna Daniels, who is the first African American woman to become a NASCAR pit crew member. 

Erykah Badu shared this very relevant clip of Malcolm’s observations about how societies around the globe treat their women.

Colin Kaepernick has lent support to the clothing line, which includes hats, pillows, sweats, flip flops, hoodies and T-shirts.

Malcolm X's daughter and granddaughter were arrested on Wednesday after allegedly stealing a U-Haul containing a bunch of mistreated dogs.

Over the past year or so, professional and college athletes alike have come out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, who has criticized Black Lives Matter and other activists for standing up for their rights, told The New York Times.

Understanding Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s purpose behind creating an annual ritual to acknowledge and accumulate the contributions of blacks in the face of overt racism, a young cultural architect from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area decided to get back to basics — in the most adorable of ways. In February 2013, Eunique Jones Gibson released a series of engaging and […]

UPDATE: 8:24 AM EST Mughsots have been released of the two men arrested yesterday in connection with Malcolm Shabazz’s murder. David Hernández Cruz and Manuel Alejandro Pérez de Jesús are both waiters at the Palace Club, a bar in downtown Mexico City where Shabazz ended up with fatal skull, jaw, and rib fractures.  We’ll keep […]

UPDATE: May 11th 3:30PM EST The Associated Press has released more details about the circumstances surrounding the death of Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of Malcolm X.  Malcolm was visiting a friend, recently deported labor activist, Miguel Sueraz when he got into a fight at a bar in Mexico City: Labor activist Miguel Suarez said he […]

There aren’t too many movies that are powerful enough to move Russell Simmons, but the socially and racially charged movie The Help is one of those films. It is a film that uplifts women of all kinds and shines light on the history of the south during the Civil Rights Movement. It explores the strength […]