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<p>Hello all! The past couple of weekends, I have been in &ldquo;pageant mode&rdquo;! Two weekends ago, I competed in my first Miss America preliminary in Texas and this past weekend, I relinquished my Miss Black and Gold Georgia title to my successor. Each weekend has been a truly blessed experience for me and I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn a little more about myself and fellowship with some wonderful people. I&rsquo;m going to share with you the highlights of each weekend and share some pictures with you as well.</p><p>I competed in the Miss White Settlement Scholarship Pageant in North Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday the 23rd. Driving there at six in the morning wasn&rsquo;t so bad, as I had a wonderful friend from church (Emily!) who accompanied me along the way and assisted me throughout the day. Check-in, rehearsals, sound checks and interviews flew by like lightning&hellip;and then entire time, my excitement was sky-high. I hadn&rsquo;t competed in a pageant since a whole year ago, and I was just so excited and amped to be back. The girls I met were beautiful and kind and the directors of the pageant were warm and welcoming; I felt very happy to be there.</p><p>And showtime came before I knew it! I slapped on the make-up, the jewels, the body glue, my clothing, etc, etc&hellip;and (of course!) my infamous smile before walking out on stage for the very first time. Lights, camera, adrenaline rush! And then we were all off, back and forth between dressing rooms, bathrooms, the stage, hallways, and everything&hellip;the pageant went very smoothly and I was very pleased to find that I hadn&rsquo;t lost &ldquo;it&rdquo; at all My talent: a musical theatre rendition of &ldquo;Not for the Life of Me&rdquo; from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie&hellip;(I also tapped a little bit in it&hellip;hot dog!!!).</p><p>And I got 1st runner-up!!! It was a major accomplishment for me- the highest I&rsquo;ve gotten in a Miss America prelim and my first in Texas at that! The pageant coordinators very all very pleased and encouraging of me to continue competing, the judges smiled at me a lot, and I had a lot of audience members cheering for me by the tail end of the pageant&hellip;yeehaw! I was SO happy with myself&hellip;even more pumped to make a quick turnaround for the next Miss America preliminary (details coming soon!).</p><p>And this past Saturday, I went back home to hand over the title of Miss Black and Gold Georgia. I was actually pretty sick the day before and almost cancelled my flight from Dallas but I was too stubborn to do that and determined to make it, and I am glad that I did end up going. I made it to the pageant site early that morning and was happily greeted by Mr. Johnson (our pageant director) and the sixteen ladies competing for the title. Ah! And then I got to help conduct rehearsal! Now, that was such a great experience- being on the &ldquo;other&rdquo; side during pageant day. I got to meet Miss Black and Gold Georgia 2007 (I&rsquo;m 2009 ) and even Noelle, my court&rsquo;s 1st runner-up, came!!! So, we had a ball. I also met with the judges before they began their interviews with the contestants and they were awesome- I was so happy the girls got warm, welcoming judges. After that, I stood by for a couple of hours, introducing each contestant to the judges before they walked in.</p>