GlobalGrind spoke to Tony Award nominee Nikki James a day after the New Jersey-born actress learned she was nominated for her stellar performance in the Matt Stone and Trey Parker religious musical, “The Book of Mormons”, about two Mormon boys on a mission in Africa. The musical received 14 Tony nominations including James’ Best Featured Actress […]

Hayden Panettiere attended the ‘Alpha and Omega’ screening in London this weekend. Hayden Panettiere didn’t show any fear as she toted around an adorable wolf puppy! Hayden and her furry friend looked absolutely amazing on the red carpet. She kept her attire simple as she was dressed in jeans, nude heels, and a loose shimery […]

Drake’s ‘Find Your Love’ was a definite hit but this parody of his song is pure hilarity. This Find Your Love remake stars YouTube sensation Iman Crosson, better known as Alphacat, as Drake. I’m not sure what is more funny, Alphacat’s perfection of Drake’s facial expressions or the fact that he is talking about having […]

<p>The drama film is based on true events and it portrays the story of the murder of a teenager, Nicholas Markowitz. 15-year old Markowitz was kidnapped and later murdered by Jesse James, a young drug dealer.</p>

<p>Hello all! The past couple of weekends, I have been in &ldquo;pageant mode&rdquo;! Two weekends ago, I competed in my first Miss America preliminary in Texas and this past weekend, I relinquished my Miss Black and Gold Georgia title to my successor. Each weekend has been a truly blessed experience for me and I am […]