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The only thing more hilarious than our “Do It For Bieber” video (which we thought was pretty funny) was the media reaction to it.

Last week, Campus Progress released our submission to the Vote Again 2010 video contest, “Vote Again 2010: Do it for Bieber,”– and let me tell you, it gave the media the best kind of fever ever“Bieber Fever.” See the video here:

    The submission attracted a lot of buzz Politico, Vanity Fair and Wonkette featured it in light-hearted articles, The Washington Post reprimanded us for creating “the worst political ad ever” (an honor already awarded to us by The Washington Examiner for a midterm video that featured Zombies), and the video has been discussed by MSNBC, Fox and Friends, and even by Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.

    In addition to the more light hearted feedback, we’ve also been accused of running an unethical campaign, trying to manipulate 12 year olds, and using an innocent 16 year old to brainwash America.


    I just want to make sure we’ve got this straight; Campus Progress created a satirical nonpartisan video“Yes We Can” without the celebrities or the singing (you’re welcome), intended to encourage civic participation and draw awareness to a midterms knowing that they typically see a decrease in voter turnout. Somehow or other that amounts to not only doing something shady but unethical? What I don’t understand is, Bieber or not, what’s so objectionable about encouraging each other to vote?

    There’s an unprecedented midterm election campaign being orchestrated by 30 youth organizations and media partners called Vote Again 2010. The purpose of the site is to raise awareness around the elections through creative (and evidently controversial) cont

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