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I guess we won’t be needing a picket line and massive signs to support Lupe Fiasco, because it appears that all is well with him and Atlantic Records.

Just a week before ‘Fiasco Friday,’ Lupe Twitpics a picture of him and Atlantic Records President Julie Greenwald with ‘victory’ as the header of the picture. Lupe was all smiles with his thumb up, letting the fans know that he worked out a deal with Atlantic

Since a deal has been worked out, Lupe has announced that Lasers will be released March 8, 2011. Hopefully, there won’t be any more delays for Lupe.

Will Atlantic and Lupe’s make-up last? Tell us what you think on our poll!


Even though Lupe has been ‘beefin’ with his label Atlantic Records, he still managed to release a few freestyles. For all those who haven’t heard. Take a listen to Lupe’s version of Rick Ross’ ‘BMF.’

Lupe Fiasco, ‘BMF’ (Building Minds Faster)

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