La La Anthony’s hit reality TV show La La’s Full Court Life is finally back. The show, which follows La La Anthony’s life as a wife, mother and bestie, has been on a hiatus while filming the upcoming season, but that’s all about to change tonight. While everyone’s lips are tightly sealed about the upcoming season, La […]

It you got it, flaunt it, and if you don’t like it fix it. It’s a motto that Po Johnson lives by. We got our first dose of the spitfire Po when she joined best friend LaLa Anthony on “LaLa’s Full Court Life,” an opportunity she quickly spun into a brand of her own. Now, […]

We all know Po Johnson as La La Anthony’s quirky bestie that appears on her reality show Full Court Life but Po is also an artist and she’s got a new single. “Femme Fatale” is the first single from Po’s forthcoming album, The Diary of the Love Drunken Monkey and it’s  an up beat electric­funk ladies […]

Another week, another episode of BlogXilla’s No Judgment Zone. This week’s guest is the lovely Po Johnson from VH1’s La La Full Court Life. Po stops by the No Judgment Zone to try something a little different, joining BlogXilla to grade a couple of funny Vine videos, including Mizz Twerksum doing a drunk twerk. After […]

It must be a blast to be Po Johnson.  MUSIC: Po Johnson “Oh Yeah” Ft. Kovas  Po gets to hang out with her BFF La La all day, she is heavily featured on one of the most popular reality shows on TV, La La’s Full Court Life 2, and she has a budding music career she’s about to […]


Everybody’s kid sister, and La La Anthony’s BFF, Po Johnson has got some brand new music for your ears! The La La’s Full Court Life star has been on her A-game in the music industry, dropping catchy singles like “Super Kinda Psycho Sexy Love” and “Do it Again.”  INTERVIEW: Po Johnson Talks New Music & How […]

The uniquely stylish co-star of VH1’s hit series La La’s Full Court Life, Po Johnson is deviating from her reality TV persona with a budding music career.  Po Johnson first made her musical debut with her song “Super Kinda Psycho Sexy Love,” which was featured on the first season of La La’s Full Court Life.   NEW MUSIC: Po Johnson […]

The uniquely stylish co-star of VH1’s hit series La La’s Full Court Life, Po Johnson is deviating from her reality TV persona with a budding music career.  PHOTOS: La La Vazquez Looking Sexy In All Black Everything! Po Johnson first made her musical debut with her song “Super Kinda Pyscho Sexy Love,” which was featured […]

Po Johnson has been a staple in LaLa Anthony‘s reality show, LaLa’s Full Court Life. Yes, the show was based around LaLa’s everyday life, but Po Johnson, LaLa’s longtime friend quickly became one of the best parts of our Monday nights. EXCLUSIVE: Po Went From LaLa’s Couch To Her Full Court Life From her quirky […]


I guess we won’t be needing a picket line and massive signs to support Lupe Fiasco, because it appears that all is well with him and Atlantic Records. Just a week before ‘Fiasco Friday,’ Lupe Twitpics a picture of him and Atlantic Records President Julie Greenwald with ‘victory’ as the header of the picture. Lupe […]


We are a curiously busy people. We live in a strange world where work productivity demand is at all-time high while the wages for this excessive output is at an all-time low. Our world consists of just going, moving continuously non-stop for hours on end. This is how we get things done, how we stay […]