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Karen Owen, a graduate from Duke University, jokingly wrote a 42 page thesis, including powerpoint slides, about all the men she slept with during her time at school. Not only is this like the best thing ever, most of the dudes she gave nookie to were on the Duke Lacrosse team. Maybe the men who play Lacrosse for Duke should not be having sex. First fake rapes and now this? Women don’t seem to like them very much. 

All jokes aside: The Duke Sex List, going viral has made a bunch of the subjects (men) on the list upset, but men have bragged about the women they conquered since the beginning of time. So this is just one big role reversal if you ask me. 

Karen Owen had pie charts, bar graphs, DNA samples, baby pictures, tic tacs and more, and all this goes to show is how much better women are at doing things than men. If a man was to do something like this we’d write it on a piece of loose leaf paper ripped from a spiral notebook. We’d have to show it to our friends with the warning of ‘Don’t mind the buffalo wing sauce’.

Let’s face it, some pretty smart men got played by a woman who owned her vagina and used it to her advantage. I applaud Karen Owen for the following 5 reasons.

She Slept With 13 dudes in a 3 year period, and wrote about?

She kick got ass and took names… Literally. 

She’s pretty freaking hot.

She likes it in public places and the backseat of cars.

She got the internet going nuts! 

So for those reasons Karen Owen we applaud you, you should be proud of yourself! Oh yeah if any ladies ever wanna write about me and put me on a power point follow me on twitter. For pictures of Karen Owen and her powerpoint, click next.




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