The Daily Grind Video

‘Behind The Sun’ is my debut release as a solo artist. I’m incredibly excited about this EP because so much thought, creativity and love was poured into every detail, nook and cranny.  It was produced by Mark Nubar and Jeeve Ducornet. 

The album deals with some pretty intense topics that are close to my heart….none of which are love songs. Some of the topics include homelessness, anxiety, gay rights issues and being true to who you are inside and out. While the content is quite heavy, I feel that the sound is a balance of light and dark, heavy and soft…’s dynamic. 


Make no mistake about it…it’s vocally driven rock!  Some of the songs sound light and fun while others can almost be considered hard rock.  I think the common thread is the passion and the honesty embodied in all of the songs.

‘Breathe’ Directed by Brian Thompson

I’m so thankful to have had such support in making this EP.  I was so fortunate to have a top notch music video produced and directed by Brian Thompson / The Vault LA for my first single, ‘Breathe.’  Many beautiful collaborations went into it as well.  My hope is that it touches people the way I have been touched by music my entire life.  ‘Behind the Sun’ releases June 15, 2010 on Union State Records.

-Sammy Allen | follow me @sammyallenmusic