Read how parched fans can get when they discover a woman who loves baseball AND beer.

A brewing company took a wrong turn when it made and sold a new German-styled beer in honor of Beyoncé.

We get it: you like to drink. But is the rest of the world just as alcohol-obsessed as you?

Fast food is great for hangovers, but what if you could get drunk AND eat burgers at the same damn time?

Beer is amazing. From its distinctive taste to the fact it doesn’t get you wasted as quickly as hard liquor, beer is the best of both worlds. The only issue is the beer belly it comes with. But a new company called Supplemental Brewing wants you to get swol’ while throwing a few back. It combines two […]

Through friends, fellow students, and family members, the shocking story of a Texas A&M student who was fatally shot over an argument during a beer pong game has come to light. Lacie LaRose, 19, was killed on May 3 during a graduation party. Landon Duke, the 23-year-old who threw the party, says LaRose and others were playing […]

Actual Bud Light Slogan: ‘The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary’ — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) April 28, 2015 Budweiser is receiving a ton of backlash from consumers. after printing a marketing slogan on its bottles that was believed to endorse rape. According to Bloomberg Business, the beer company has issued an apology […]

Seventy-one people are dead and about 200 others are sick after drinking a poisoned homemade beer in the village of Chitima in Mozambique. According to state-run Radio Mozambique, after returning home from a funeral late Friday, a group of people stopped in an area where customers can buy a popular homemade beer called “Phombe.” Those who drank the […]

Amid Western condemnation, 97 percent of Crimea voters backed the decision to leave Ukraine and join Russia. The final results of the referendum were revealed on Monday. The head of the Crimean parliament’s commission on the referendum, Mikhail Malyshev, announced the final tally from Sunday’s vote at a televised news conference, showing a 96.8 percent in favor […]

They grow up so fast! It’s been some years since Justin Bieber was that little boy singing on YouTube, and now he’s giving us some perspective on just how much older he’s getting with his recent behavior. After being spotted smoking weed, getting into a public argument with a neighbor, and going through a rough […]

It seems like the best way to get these high-ranking jobs nowadays is to already be famous. Case in point: A couple of weeks ago we saw Alicia Keys become the Creative Director of BlackBerry. PHOTOS: Justin Timberlake Unveils “The 20/20 Experience” Cover Art & Tracklist  Now, we see Justin Timberlake land the same kind of gig with Anheuser-Busch. […]

You know you’re living in the future when you can brew your own beer in your basement or in the shed out back! This 4th of July Weekend, don’t just get buzzed on any other beer though. Support your country and drink American, responsibly! Zymurgy magazine, the official publication of the American Homebrewers Association, has […]