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selective focus dark beer and foam with Beer mug and soft flare filter

Source: skaman306 / Getty

Some baseball fans might have found the girl of their dreams thanks to a viral clip.

Gabby DiMarco was at a San Diego Padres game as a fan when a foul ball was hit in her direction.

Then, in a move some guys might consider fate, the baseball landed right in Gabby’s beer. After geeking out over the chances, Gabby did something that had folks on the edge of their seat.

She chugged her beer with the baseball still in it.

A star was born and many guys were hit with cupid’s arrow.

Here’s another angle for the thirsty…

“It bounced from behind me,” Gabby told “I wasn’t trying to catch it at all, and it landed in my cup.”


Here’s more pics of Gabby for people already working on their wedding vowels.


Also, more with her and beer…



Swipe through for the hilarious love declarations Gabby’s already gotten!

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