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“I guess every superhero needs his theme music”. For me I’ve had several over the last month. Among the most notables songs has been Jay Electronica’s ‘Ghost of Christopher Wallace and Fat Joe’s ‘Haha (Slow Down)’ featuring Jeezy. Well this week’s theme was an unexpected surprise from Kanye West called ‘Power’. This song brought me back to the Kanye I know and love (musically, lol). This song is supposedly setting the tone for his upcoming CD entitled ‘Good A** Job’, which is set to be released in September.  Okay, now he has my attention.

Good A** Job is supposed to pick up where 2007’s Graduation left off. Prior to the passing of Donda West, Kanye had an explosive career with now defunct Roc-a-fella Records. Since then Kanye has had a series of odd encounters. The one that stands out the most is the moment during the MTV awards, when Ye took the spotlight from Taylor Swift. While she was accepting her best video award that he felt should have gone to Beyonce instead, Kanye crashed the stage. Although the backlash he received seemed to be a little unfair, it was one of many moments in which Kanye seemed to display odd behavior. From angry blogs laced with words in all caps, to talks of quitting rap for a career in fashion, to fights with the paparazzi, Hip Hop’s young genius seemed to be headed for a breakdown. Far from a stranger to controversy, Kanye has always been an outspoken artist. Making his feelings known on everything from religion to politics, he has never been shy.which was Kanye’s autotuned ode to 80’s pop, left many of his Hip Hop fans feeling alienated. Not a bad album, just off the beating path of the College Dropout and Late Registration.As a huge Hip Hop fan, I missed the Kanye that put together Slow Jams, Good Life, Touch the Sky, Gold Digger and countless other hits. Let’s face it, he had been on fire for a while. So the question remained, would we ever see the old Kanye again?


Fast forward to 2010 and it looks like Hip Hop fans will get our wish. Good A** Job is already receiving the respect of Hip Hop’s elite. Kanye has tapped producers like Q-Tip, RZA, Pete Rock and Drake has called the project the ‘best hip-hop album of the past 10 years.’ Pete Rock says “He had these musicians and this song, they played around my little raggedy beat and made it real [big].” Premier tells Vibe “He told me how he wanted this album to be really boom-bap, hard, hard beats,” Premier says. “He said, ‘No electro Preem, I swear no electro [Laughs].’ Ye is still that crazy dude he’s always been. He’s really focused on making this album raw. So I gave him a banger and he said he wanted two more on top of that one. I’m giving him two more this week.” He has crafted most of this masterpiece from Hawaii and it’s been said he’s has som