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Okay, by now everybody knows that the East Coast, West Coast rivalry is nothing new, but personally being “bi-coastal” this past year has given new meaning to the phrase I LOVE NY! I see no sense in giving this debate a flowery introduction, or a multi-syllabic filled paragraph about the pros and cons of each city, or even making points and counterpoints about each city’s attributes and flaws.  ‘Cuz at the end of the day for me, it is what it is, and NYC is the truth Baby Baaabae (in my best Biggie voice)

I spent the past 365 days (literally) on the Right Coast living pillar to post between my hometown, Washington, DC; shout out to the DMV, and New York, and every single day I opened my eyes I thanked GOD that I was surrounded by like-minded people.  It’s just that simple!!!  I mean loving New York does not require that I hate Los Angeles; although I cant front, these days that is kind of where I am at with it.  Well, maybe not hate, more like a slow simmer of this town sucks!

 If you are a Los Angelian, I apologize in advance, but for me, the facts remain steadfast in my mind! New York City energy, the hustler/go-getter star power, the 24 hr bodegas and markets and the focused purpose mindset are incomparable. Now, to be fair, I recently returned to LA for my monthly visit to spend time with my son, and I was genuinely happy to be back in the land of sunshine and Palm trees.  Honestly, I could not deny that spending my birthday in open toe shoes, and no jacket was a helluva lot better than trudging through the 3 feet of snow that I’d left behind in New York.  It was glorious to drive with my windows down,

and my glasses on because I genuinely needed to shade my eyes from the sun, and not just appear to be too kool for skool! But please don’t get it twisted! As soon as I made my way into the Apple Store in the mall, my loathing for this town all came crashing back in my mind.

Why in the H E double hockey sticks was this woman walking around with her $2100 Louie Vuitton bag doubling as a dookie catcher for her barking, snarling annoying Pomeranian?? Where did all of these people come from, and why the Eff weren’t they at work??? Did ANYbody work in this damn town??? Then it came to me; they were not at work because their jobs are not really jobs at all.  Being born the son or daughter of a Socialite, or being a descendent of Hollyweird royalty, or maybe that you’re killing time between your audition and your shift at Olive Garden means the word job is all relative.


The jobs and/or careers that require you to be fully accountable from 9-5p, and sometimes even after 5, along with a 401k, and a medical package are not what make LA the “big city of dreams.” In fact at the core of what makes LA sparkle and shine when the rest of the country only glitters on special occasions are what makes me so happy to be back in the Rotten Apple!  Los Angeles and its pathetic power of BS are ever present. It draws people to Hollywood and Highland by the busloads with the promise of being the next Beyonce, Will Smith, or even getting your 7 minutes of fame at the Comedy Store on Sunset.  It is all smoke and mirrors, with a little self-righteous indignation thrown in for good measure.  

People in LA don’t work, they drift, and pose, and tan while perpetuating the illusion that
walking down Melrose and being “discovered” is a very real possibility. Gimme a break ova heeeeah!! A good, honest day’s work never hurt anybody, and when you ride the 2 train after 10p and witness a homeless man sitting next to the woman in a full length mink coat, you gotta love it!!!  These moments to me are golden because they are a sharp and welcome contrast to sitting in my car all day long fighting the 101 and/or 405 traffic and not having
to interact