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Whether we like it or not, fall is among us now and even though we have to say goodbye to summer, we get to welcome in fall! For the ladies obviously the fashion and trends are a big change with the seasons, but one thing that comes with the fall season all ladies might not be too familiar with, but your man is, the sport of the season: Football!

Now of course there are the ladies out there that love football and watch every Thursday, Sunday and Monday night starting in September, but I know there are some out there that would rather skip.

If you have tried hanging out with a guy when the game is on and you aren’t that interested in football and don’t want to watch the game, chances are you probably won’t hang out with your guy that day.

But if you want to make the effort to learn a little bit about the game (AKA try and impress your guy), you don’t have to know every single rule about the game, you just have to know enough while the games on to understand what’s going on.

This post is your little cheat sheet to watching a football game.

Before you get any further into this post, if the person you are trying to impress with your football knowledge is a die-hard football fan, watches every game religiously or is superstitious about sports, this may not be a line or path you want to cross, because the outcome will most likely not be a good one.

Hard core football fans get into the game, really get into the game. If this is the case you are in, tell your guy, ‘see you after the game!’ trust me it’s the best thing for both of you!


Defense: protecting the field, consiting of 11 men, the frontline, line backers and safetys.

Man To Man: indivual coverage on each man.

Zone Defense: Defensive back covers an area.

Offense: scores the points, consisting of 11 men, front line, back field Quarterback, running backs and recievers.


100 yards: Length of the field.

Length of game: divided into 4, 15 minute quaters.

Line of Scrimage: Where ball is placed to start play.

1st Down: Team gets four chances to get 10 yards to get another first down.

Touchdown: 6 points – after touchdown can kick for an additional point totaling in 7 points.

Field goal: 3 points – Kick ball thru goal posts.

Safety: 2 points – when the team that has the ball runs out of its own end zone


Punt: the team that has posseion of the ball kicks on the 4th down when they have no chance of making a 1st down or are in the other teams territory.

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