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When I sat down to write my verse for Power, alot went through my head. The reason for my doing a verse to Kanye West’s- Power in the first place was because Worldstarhiphop wanted me to do something hot, which they would then put up on their website and since many hip hop heads go on WSHH, I had to make it fire!

Another reason I had to make it my best, was because I love Kanye West as an artist, I think he’s on of the greats in the rap game, so the last thing I want is to use one of his intrumental beats and put a wack verse over it.

So I sat at my kitchen table with my blackberry in hand and the Power instrumental going through my headphones. Now, there were so many phrases I could’ve started the song with, but I chose, ‘They doubted!’, because as a female artist, especially rapper, the words that you hear the most are, ‘You got to come harder than that!’, ‘Maybe just give rapping some time off, so you can develop more,’ ‘You’re a girl in this rap game, so you have to make people listen!’, which then has you thinking, ‘Well maybe I’m not good enough…’.


So I then followed the song up with, ‘So like an otologist, their ears is what I had to touch,’ and most of you may be thinking, why I chose a word like ‘otologist’, which is a physician who specializes in the ear and its diseases, but as I’ve said many times before, I have no problem in being an educated rapper when it comes to my rhymes and looking in the dictionary to expand my vocabulary, because the one thing I never want to be looked at is a ‘kid rapper’, with ‘baby verses’.


Throughout the next part of the song I explain my appreciation for this talent, which God has blessed me with and how many people are jealous, but I just ignore them and keep striving for success.

I think that my favorite part of the verse would be when I ask myself, ‘Lady Jazz, Lady Jazz, why you did it girl?’ and then I answer, ‘I did it so I wouldn’t ever just be known as THAT GIRL,’ and I think I love that line so much because when growing up, my mom, Tami Roman, (@TAMIROMAN) always told me never settle for less when it comes to achieving your goals and when you have a talent, go for it, but at the same time give it your all and inspire others around you while doing it.

So when I say, ‘So that I wouldn’t ever be known as THAT GIRL,’ the inntonation in my voice shows that this girl, whom I’m reffering to as ‘THAT GIRL’ is nothing important and nobody really pays any attention to her because she’s not doing anything good with her life. I then finish my verse off with some wise words and humor but overall I think this is one of my better short rap videos that I have done.

I’m still working on other projects, involving my sister and I in a group, with some great songs that we’ve written and have up under our belt, but that’s all I can say about that at the moment. But I’m also working with some other upcoming artists, but in terms of collaborations, I’d love to do something with the talented Diggy Simmons…maybe a Bonnie and Clyde 2011? haha  Check out my Power verse here.


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