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Which is better? Madden ’11 or NCAA ’11




Madden ’11



The offensive gameplay experience on Madden far ought weighs that of NCAA 11. Madden 11 has a great balance between the run game, pass game and the screen/draw aspect of running your offensive scheme. I love the elimination of the speed burst button. My mind has been programed for years to ‘hold the burst’ but after a few games you realize that there are other things to focus on when you have the ball like not fumbling and reading your blockers.  In years past there was a heavy emphasis towards either passing or running and  this year you can mix it up and really put some points on the board.


Big time players make big time plays in this years installment of Madden. Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush are faster than greased lightning . Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are devastatingly accurate. Nnamdi Asomugha keeps his entire side of the field locked down. The player ratings for the best players on this game are accurate making you pay attentions to match ups and where certain players are on the field  at all times.  I will get to the ratings systems of lesser known players later. 


The online gaming experience is awesome on Madden 11. You can specifically invite friends to games which i found nearly impossible on NCAA. You also  have the ability to scout your opponent before playing a game which is a big plus, because knowing tendencies helps with play calling and adjustments. Maddens overall presentation is 20 times better than NCAA as far as the online experience is concerned. 






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