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Music is how I let out my emotions instead of acting on them. For example if I want to slap the taste out of someone’s mouth, I rather channel that energy into a pin and make a hit. My name is Reddy Red, and I come from the Westside of Little Rock,  Arkansas. Arkansas is one of the hardest states to come up in. If you aren’t playing sports as a child growing up, this city can swallow you whole. I mean it’s nothing here that really focus on keeping kids out of the streets. That’s why I don’t understand how people blame Hip Hop for that gangster shit, and coming up where I am from the streets was right outside. I made the choice to be in a gang because it was right in front of me. I did not come from a bad family either, even though I did not have a father and my mother was a rolling stone. When I was growing up, I had grandparents that stepped up to the plate. My mom was still in my life and she is the real reason I got into this music. She tried to keep me away from gangs and hustlers but she was a hustler herself.
By the time I was 13, I was a full pledge hustler and banger. See I ain’t one of these niggaz that just say they PIRU. I am PIRU. I was quoted when I was 11 years old by my big cousin Jason who is part of Oak Street PIRU. I was introduce to Hip Hop during this period of my life. Rapping was my out let. My homie Curlin who played on the same basketball team as me, got me more interested in rapping. We started this music shit together, we started this hustling shit together. Me and this nigga used to go half on a Cuties (quarter pound) and sack it up into dimes and sale it to the white boys that we were cool with at school, to get studio time. I didn’t have time to get a job because I was at basketball tournaments or camps. So we needed fast money. We got our first recording session when we was 14 and I was nervous  as hell!
We formed a group Fazze Wun, it was four of us. We did not just go out and get some niggas, the niggaz we chose had the same drive as us. See my banging and my music ran together because I was doing them both at the same time. I was what you know as a “rider”. I was the nigga that the little BG’s used to run to help them fight or beef period and even niggaz that was my age or little older than me. Because they knew Redd was always ready to beef with some niggaz. That’s how my music is, l mostly direct it to someone or something. Don’t get me wrong I am versatile but I like talking about my life because I can write the truth. For example if I am banging, then I am banging on the track, if I am fucking with a bad chick, then I am going to fuck her on the track, you get my picture. I don’t express the music I express myself into the music.

If you what to here a Little Rock nigga then that’s me, I am one of the few here that love the city. Yea you may heard that Arkansas don’t have they on swag but I’m here to let you know those people are full of shit. They haven’t heard a real Rock town nigga. They ain’t seen a nigga that really was oops I mean that is in these streets. See I’m real, and the people I hang with are the same! Curlin(LI$$) felt the same way. My nigga died on Christmas Eve 2006. I cried for so long for my Bro. See the game is like a scandalous bitch, you think its going to do you right because you treat it right.  As soon as the game catches you slipping, it’s going to fuck you over! There is no love in this shit! I learned that early.

Li$$ was like the big Bro because he was wise beyond his years. I was the hot head. It’s so hard talking to Mama Cat now, because her pain is so deep. See Li$$ was the second child she has lost in the streets. Her oldest son burned in a house